3D Action Video Inc.

We painstakingly took three years to address multiple technical issues in filming underwater in 3D. The stabilization, color, 3D Effects, techniques, processes and procedures are ground breaking. We continue to push the envelope everyday searching to make our products better, faster and more affordable. Through the combined efforts of scuba divers, underwater videographers and high technology personnel we set out to solve the puzzle to create truly amazing 3D underwater videos in the most vibrant colors.  We encountered many technological hurdles to conquer, including learning to be effective in filming 3D, how to bring back the magnificent colors that are the Hallmark of our products and bring down rendering times. Our journey involved reviewing over 100 software applications and over 1,500 effects and colorization tools. We settled on a final set of 20 post production procedures we currently utilize to get our great “Out of The Box 3D” with minimal eyestrain using our “Strainless Vision” procedures and techniques. These procedures involved thousands of renders. We further had to solve productivity issues to exponentially reduce rendering times.

We are positive all of you will find the products consisting of great underwater 3D movies, the Flipbooks and Combo Packs.  It has always been our goal to excite and incite all people of all genders and ages to experience the underwater world and its wonders.

The Guide to Underwater Filming in 2D and 3D and Post Production Procedures" is now for sale. This is a fantastic  products with nothing like it on  the market.  The Guide unlocks many secrets to enhancing your footage, including the use of colorization mattes, de-noising water, how to stabilize your film and sharpen the footage using the great tools from BorisFX, NewBlueFX, Adobe and Vision III Imaging Inc. We expanded the educational products by enhancing the Coral Reef Teachers Guide developed by Reef Relief based in Key West Florida. We took the base guide and did a complete face-lift by adding color pictures, the over 700 sea life forms contained in the Explore the Sea Module, 4 Franko Maps cards and over 1,000 hyperlinks and then threw in tons of video.

We did not just stop with our flipbooks. We have digitized over 80 Franko Maps Dive Site and Fish ID cards and their amazing Guide Maps to bring these wonderful and amazing products into the 21st century. The new products average 65 pages and we consolidated multiple Franko Maps products to have one product per location/island. The products are now on the go and available for download and viewing on multiple electronic devices. We upgraded and enhanced the physical Franko Maps  products by adding hyperlinks for the sea critters to Wikipedia, adding dive site descriptions to the dive sites listed on the cards, threw in multiple new sections and informative videos.  

We encourage all of you to experience the wonderful artwork contained in the
Editorial Veras Products that is unmatched in bringing to life the topside attractions of the Rivera Maya. Finally we are working very hard on translating our products into Spanish. Make sure to check out the Spanish products under the "Productos" tab.

For Dive Shops we completed the IPad Kiosk for Dive Shops that allows over 150 products to be previewed in a dive shop, reduces shelf space and eliminates the need for inventory. We encourage all dive shops owners to review the pages under the "Dive Shops" tab above. We obtained the right to market the 35 part Dive Travel Series that has been a great addition to our library of products. We are proud that 3D Coral Reef Aquarium was a finalist at the 2014 Blue Ocean Film Festival. We completed 3D Riviera Maya and the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in July 2015.

We continue to prepare for the future by acquiring over 7,000 4K underwater clips that were filmed in Raja Amphat over a period of eight years. This is an amazing body of work that Edi Frommenwiler delivered. Edi is the owner of Pindito live-a-board in Raja Amphat Indonesia, a Member of our Board of Directors and a shareholder in the Company. Edi previously completed Close Up that is a truly mesmerizing and unique film and is a reflection of the dedication Mr. Frommenwiler and our Chairman and Founder, Mr. Homayouni have for the underwater world. You can see some of the great 4K UHD clips we acquired by playing the short video below. Hopefully we can do the footage justice and make 2-3 outstanding films from the footage by partnering with other professionals to relay to the audience the love, affection and dedication it took to capture the unique and unusual.