3D Action Video Inc.

We painstakingly took three years to address multiple technical issues in filming underwater in 3D. The stabilization, color, 3D Effects, techniques, processes and procedures are ground breaking. We continue to push the envelope everyday searching to make our products better, faster and more affordable. Through the combined efforts of scuba divers, underwater videographers and high technology personnel we set out to solve the puzzle to create truly amazing 3D underwater videos in the most vibrant colors.  We encountered many technological hurdles to conquer, including learning to be effective in filming 3D, how to bring back the magnificent colors that are the Hallmark of our products and bring down rendering times. Our journey involved reviewing over 100 software applications and over 1,500 effects and colorization tools. We settled on a final set of 20 post production procedures we currently utilize to get our great “Out of The Box 3D” with minimal eyestrain using our “Strainless Vision” procedures and techniques. These procedures involved thousands of renders. We further had to solve productivity issues to exponentially reduce rendering times.

We are positive all of you will find the products consisting of great underwater 3D movies, the Flipbooks and Combo Packs.  It has always been our goal to excite and incite all people of all genders and ages to experience the underwater world and its wonders.